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Apple crates type P, wood, screws
350 x 350 x 300 cm
The work is the second work from the Harvesting Structures cycle, a series of large sculptures, assembled from specific agricultural containers like crates, baskets and buckets.
It was created as a specialised fruit harvesting machine, inspired from the design of mechanical harvesting gears and assembled from standardized crates (type P, used in Romanian modern agriculture)
The crates are placed in a descending order to optimize the picking of apples/ fruits by rolling trough the orchard‘s rows and also drawing the empty space between the trees.

Installation view from in the group show Haptic Challenges. Visuality and Experiment in Contemporary Art. at Cetate Arts Danube, Romania and RAD Sculpture Park, Bucharest.
Dan Vezentan
Lucrări DV_achiz_MNAC_57A8657 prel copy.jpg
Lucrări DV_achiz_MNAC_57A8662 prel copy.jpg
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