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Dan Vezentan explores the zootechnic and agricultural universe, presenting it subjectively, as he recalls his childhood memories. His works stem from the design of households, the animal feeding and watering systems or from the food stocking systems, investigating the production of food, surplus, biological waste and ecology.
He grew up in the context of an agriculture based environment in Maramureș, northern Romania, surrounded by feeding machineries, technical husbandry manuals and animal anatomy books.


Dan Vezentan ( born 1978, Seini ), graduated Bucharest University of Arts, lives and works as an artist and photographer in Bucharest.


Projects and exhibitions (selection) : Mobile Biennale, 2014 and 2017, organised by the Centre for Contemporary Culture, Club Electroputere; Dispositions in Time and Space, the National Museum of Contemporary Art, 2015; Feed Me/ No Gravity (solo show) at Sandwich, 2016; Process Terminus within Art Encounters, Timișoara, 2017; The Great Romania & China Friendship Cafeteria, C5+86 Space Beijing, China, 2018; Water, Food, Shelter (solo show),The National Museum of Contemporary Art, Bucharest, 2018; Balancing between The Particular & The Universal, BOZAR, Brussels, 2019; Garage Sale, Sandwich Gallery, Bucharest, 2019; Why Does The Earth Bear Us ? (solo show), Antipa Natural History Museum, Bucharest, 2020; L’Anatomia del Cavallo (solo show), Kunsthalle Bega Box, Timișoara, 2021; Heartbeat 20, new entries in the MNAC Collection, Kunsthalle Bega, Timișoara,2021


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